Sunday, April 30, 2017



Clever Sea Turtles is being incorporated a a Wisconsin LLC. This will allow me to publish my personally built software applications, provide consulting, and legally protect my interests.

Many ideas have been rolling around in my head over the years and have been captured in notebooks. Microsoft OneNote to be exact. With this LLC protection I intend to spend a few hours a week executing these ideas and releasing them to the public.

Saturday, April 15, 2017



With this initial post I start what I hope will be a routine addition to my weekly life; posting about things I am interested in. Hopefully I will find things that you the reader are interested in too.

So who am I?

Just a man of moderate success that has been in IT, business, and software engineering since the '90s... ok the late '80s but I don't really count my BASIC days. As with any western person I am trying to find a deist and excersize routine that will keep me enjoying life as long and fully as possible. Finally, I have a growing passion for learning dance.

As the weeks, months and years go by I expect that I will try to post on all these things and we shall see which ones create a following, which ones are ignored, and which ones are just the therapeutic scribbles of an aging man (who does not spell well).